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June 28, 2018 //By Alessandro Messina, EMEA Wireline Business Marketing Senior Manager, Anritsu
Signal-quality analysis for next-generation transmission technologies
The recent spread of smartphones and cloud computing applications is driving exponential growth in traffic at data centres. To transfer these large data volumes at high speed, Ethernet communications standards are progressing with the deployment of 100GbE equipment, with 400GbE already being targeted for next-generation standards.

Collaborative solutions for future-proofing

The ease of adding hardware and software options to the latest generation of test instruments means that future developments in the various communication standards can be accommodated as they are updated. Similarly, it becomes a fairly straightforward process to integrate the BERT signal-quality analyser with other types of test equipment to provide integrated solutions for specific test requirements. One example of this approach is provided by a partnership between Anritsu and Teledyne LeCroy to provide a comprehensive PCI Express® 4.0 (PCIe Gen4) test solution by integrating the Anritsu MP1900A signal quality analyser with the Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 10Zi-A oscilloscope and QPHY-PCIe4-Tx-Rx software (Figure 3).

Figure 3: PCI Express® 4.0 (PCIe Gen4) test solution.

This comprehensive system provides high-speed IC, device, and network engineers with one complete solution to conduct automated transmitter and receiver compliance tests, as well as link equalisation verification.

The Anritsu/Teledyne LeCroy solution can be easily expanded to 32 Gbit/s, making it the first end-to-end solution to address PCI Express 5.0 (PCIe Gen5) requirements. The system will also support PCI Express 3.0 (PCIe Gen3) transmitter, receiver and link equalisation testing for complete PCI Express ecosystem coverage.

The Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope provides the necessary 25 GHz bandwidth for PCIe Gen4 transmitter testing and receiver test calibration, and may be upgraded in bandwidth to support next-generation serial standards at 32 Gbit/s and higher. The LabMaster 10-25Zi-A and the forthcoming QPHY-PCIe4-Tx-Rx software option perform all necessary automation and control for PCIe Gen4 transmitter, receiver, and link equalisation testing in conjunction with the Anritsu analyser, including fully automated software controlled calibration. Debugging of PCI Express interfaces is simple and intuitive with integrated eye diagram and jitter analysis tools and PCI Express decoding with waveform annotation and tabular analysis.

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