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It’s about time for 5G – About giving radios precise local clock sources even in harsh environments
LoRaWAN puts security first

Radar :...


5G :
- Massive MIMO and Beamforming: The Signal Processing Behind the 5G Buzzwords
- Q&A – Stealth 5G

EMC and Electronic Enclosure Design
Inside the LoRaWAN network technology



News - LTE/5G : MIMO Dual-Band WiFi Antenna Using NI AWR Software, Optenni Lab, and Premix PREPERM Materials - 5G/IoT: Major Challenges Remain for 5G Deployment -Products

JAN/FEB 2019

Cover Feature: Rohde & Schwarz : 5G Deployment Brings OTA Testing into Focus...

NOV/DEC 2018

Wireless Options for the IoT

EDA– Automotive Radar

Wireless Sensor Networks-IoT...


Components / Test :  Signal integrity measurements with VNAs - Miniature sensors could enable ‘internet of photonic things’ Wireless Infrastructure : the DNA of IoT Industry News - New Products...


Expanding the Antenna Frontier with Antenna Synthesis and 3D Printing - Mystery illness linked to RF/ microwave radiation - Microwave Components - A testing time for the future IoT - New Products


Comment : Wireless network enables power/comms for devices deep inside the body

News - Test & Measurement

Other features :Three questions to ask before...




Other features :  LDMOS the best technology for RF - Choosing blocking capacitors

New Products


Reality of 5G :  RFS Interview - 5G 

News : Europe ponders 3% tax grab on digital companies

Other features : Medically accurate vital signs measurement using a...

JAN / FEB 2018

Reality of 5G

Intel Smart Glasses - Medical records on iPhone

T&M - Wireless Infrastructure

NOV / DEC 2017

News - Wireless Sensor Networks - mmWave Design - 5G Pioneer Band FEM

New Products


Sponsored Article Keysight Technologies : Ensuring Excellent Results in Millimeter Wave Vector Network Analysis

Will the Apple Smartwatch 3 drive the eSIM into the IoT space?

Road to 5G...


Drones can take RFID Inventory control up a level

News - Wireless Infrastructure

RF-Microwave Components - New Products


Abolition of roaming chargest in EU will not lower costs unless more is done

News - Test & Measurement - New Products


News :Report warns of 8 trillion USD cost from cybercrime

Antennas : Using the space on and above the back of the hand to operate smart

New Products



Wireless Infrastructure

New Products


Cover Feature - News

Test & Measurement - Wireless Infrastructure

Smartphone Security



Comment : 5G technology makes inroads into mmWave, automotive and IoT





Comment : IoT projects relying more on out-of-the-box systems

Keysight Sponsored Article :Tackling Interference Issues in the Field with Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

News : Smart...



January/February  : Comment :5G will be as disruptive as the Industrial Revolution - News : CMOS wireless transceiver chip achieves 56 Gbps over 72 to 100 GHz - Lighter coaxial cables based on carbon nanotube nano-coating
5G : Cloud RAN and Mobile Edge Computing – a dichotomy in the making - Mobile Edge Computing core software points to 5G - Design and evaluation of a 5-W X-band PA using a low-cost plastic-packaged GaN transistor Test : Ready for launch – the importance of validating VoLTE - Velocity implies speed and direction New  Products :
low power WAN, WiFi and Bluetooth development module - 3D DF antenna PDF HERE


November  :
- Comment :  Wi-Fi a key enabler for carriers to fill in the holes
- News & Technology:  First optical rectenna converts light to DC current - Biodegradable displays could reduce waste in mobile electronics
- Sponsored Contributed Article :  The rise of Wideband Wireless
- Radar : How to implement point-to-point measurement of high-power amplifier pulses with a VNA : a new technique enabled by the Anritsu VectorStar - Researchers develop wireless charger that supports different wireless standards - Realtime radar target generation - New Products : RF switches boast constant impedance technology - High power amplifier covers 1 to 2.5 GHz and delivers 2 kW CW  PDF HERE

October  : Could Li-Fi be the next big thing - Partnership enables field-deployable private cellular 4G 'Bubbles' - University of Surrey opens 5G Centre - Backhaul : preparing for 5G : The vital role wireless backhaul technologies will play in supporting next-generation connectivity
- CAD/EDA : Open source code may unite IoT - networking project spawns IoT middleware - Static and Dynamic Structure Spurs in Sigma Delta Modulator Fractional N
- Products : Near-field probe - Direct conversion rado receiver Ics PDF HERE

September  :  The economic implications of 5G - Miniature gas sensor for mobile devices - A 3D cursor for a 3D world - 5G : 5 years to 5G : Enabling rapid 5G system development - The road to 5G is progressing rapidly, but prototyping is essential - Characterizing LTE and WiFi power amplifier performance - How relevant is DevOps to network development ? - Changes to radio rules - Wireless infrastructure : Why beam-forming antennas are essential to the next phase of growth in mobile network capacity - Design, Optimization and production of an Ultra-Wideband Receiver - Products :  Bi-directional RF amplifiers - LabVIEW 2015 delivers speed improvements, development shortcuts PDF HERE

July/August : Solid state RF to revolutionize cooking and catering - Makin hackers obsolete
- WiFi can be used to count people in a designated space - 5G - Power Amplifiers : a 28GHz, 4-channel phase adjustable power amplifer IC for 5G front-ends -  MIMO-Antennas : coherency and synchronization in MIMO systems - more than just a phrase - 60G millimeter-wave backhaul link is poised to boost cellular capacity - Product : precision VNA cable assembliers to 65 GHz - Flexible dual mode Bluetooth module PDF HERE

May/June : Analog optical fiber forges RF link - Making drones safer and smarter - IDT wireless charging comes to IKEA - Future smartphones could offer 3D cameras - - Carrier Wi-Fi : Wi-Fi in a 'Carrier' Class of its own - Tecktronix Communications sees NFV and SDN as key to next generation networks- NXP to focus on all CMOS radar - Virtualised VoLTE and the mobile operator opportunity - Products : Glitch-less RF digital step attenuators - Low power Bluetooth Smart sensor beacon PDF HERE

March/April : IoT revolution just getting started - Patent boosts mobile upload speeds by tenfold - Nanoscale IC may double RF data capacity - Emerging Wireless : wireless applications : OS consideration for Zynq all programmable SoCs - The next gallium nitride wafer : GaN-on-Diamond - High Frequency CMOS : ADCs for ultralow-power wireless applications : a compact, power-efficient and accurate SAR ADC for ultralow-power wireless applications - Products : tiny mobile brain-computer interface for smartphones - 5G millimeter wave channel sounding test system targets research - PDF HERE

January/February :  Li-Fi : the start of an optical renaissance - Mobile networks using a mix of radio sizes cut energy usage - Tailor-made graphe edges fine tune material properties
- T&M : using a pulsed network analyzer to gate reflections in an anechoic chamber - 5G : the next generation wireless infrastructure - LTE for all needs from cellular to IoT and M2M
- 60 GHz wireless needs better regulations in the EU to flourish - Enabling Eastern European operators to unlock mobile infrastructure and roll out profitable unified communications - New Products PDF HERE


November :  The coming age of smart factories - Mobile phones for accurate population mapping - World's smallest wearable mouse - Multi-DUT PXI approach reduces small cell manufacturing cost - Microwave Materials : GaN on Si to take on high-power and high-volume markets - Microwave Components : RF and microwave component integration led by RFIC/MMIC portfolio covering DC to X-band - - Freescale drives plastic-packaged LDMOS RF transistors to 300-W CW- Bluetooth Low Energy : challenges the industrial electronics designer faces - New products PDF HERE

October : IoT and wearable devices to drive market for mnay trillions of sensors in 15 years - Reflections of smartphone transmissions enable gesture control - Active DAS challenges small cells on the way to 5G - Wireless test : Fundamentals of cable/antenna test tools for base stations - Cover Feature : modular instruments from Keysight ensure integrity and code compatibility - Arveni offers free, open wireless protocol - How a monolithic RF controller facilitates Doherty amplifier use in more RF applications - The right path - a look a path loss calculations for modules using the 2.4 GHz band - New products PDF HERE

September : The smartphone as the controller for the home - Wireless electric guitar effects pedals - Mobile phones gobble up scarce materials - Premium prices for mm - wave components - still justified - A new architecture for vector network analysers can transform test performance - Sensor footprint evolution - Does size matter ? - Dutch startup shrinks 60-GHz radars while increasing precision - Monitoring deteriorating bridges with wireless sensors and drones - Carrier-grade Wi-Fi switch - RF amplifier delivers high power with 256 QAM modulation PDF HERE

July/August 2014 : Regulators may hold back 60 GHz use - Next generation internet will arrive quietly - Radios give IoT new channels - How Bluetooth Low Energy is driving designs of the Internet of Things - RF EDA : RF SDK enables small cells to be built faster
- Mind the gap : the future for indoor wireless - Wireless to the moon - RFICs : Phase and amplitude controller optimises Doherty power amplifier performance - Understanding LTD, inside and out - A crash course in 'the connected car' - New products PDF HERE

May/June 2014 :  Software defined mobile networks come of age - Startup uses ultrasound for low energy gesture recognition - OpenBTS 4.0 enables drive to commercial open-source cellular systems - Satellite communications power measurement using USB power sensors - Interference in a crowded RF spectrum : why it occurs, and what to do about it - Broadband lens may lead to antenna dishes that are flat or conform to any surface - trends in the smart card payment - Electrostatic touch fro smartphones - Analogue front end for digital radios - VNA delivers up to 24 integrated test ports - Broadband network analyzer hits 145 GHz PDF HERE

March/April 2014 : Wireless set to change the face of Medicine - Microchip for 5G radio networks - Wearable ring for gesture control - High Frequency CMOS - Emerging Wireless - Internet of Things - New Products PDF HERE

January/February 2014 : Field programmable RF : Next generation CMOS MIMO transceiver IC - Reconfigurable RF front-end systme enables single-SKU design globally - Software-only fact and eye tracking for smartphones - Implementing 802.11ac - revolution or evolution ? - Test & Measurement - New Products PDF HERE


November : Cover feature : Modern VNA test solutions improve on-wafer measurement efficiency - 4G is now, but 5G already starts to take shape - Excessive security will kill the Internet of Things - Weightless details roadmap for IoT devices - MEMS, Nanotechnology
- Microwave materials - Automation, the key to testing very high volumes of advanced smartphones - Next generation design flows for signal processing and communications
- New products PDF HERE

October : - If a car is really 'autonomous', why V2X -  Next Generation Hotpsot Wi-Fi to reach $150 billion by 2018 - Radar and Satellite : high-integration silicon-on-sapphire MMICs optimise active antennas - 4G and LTE-Advanced : Tackling EMC noise challenges for LTE applications - USB brings portability and flexibility to microwave test - New products PDF HERE

September : - Internet of Things is great technology but it will need to appeal to the consumer - Bristol-based startup gets funding for 60 GHz wireless IP - MMICS-RFICS : UMTS base station receiver fits in half-inch square - MMICS-RFICS : Less is More : the new mobile RF front-end - Reconfigurable antenna systems com to life with smarter handsets designs - Measuring E band microwave connections   Products - PDF HERE

July/August : - Cover Feature : Anritsu : How the latest spectrum analysers help troubleshoot radio interference - NASA uses smartphone as control system to put three satellites into orbit - Envelope tracking modulator for handsets in volume production - Antenna and device makers to benefit from LTE RF issues - EDA : Matsworks : Advancing the art of system design - T&M : Targeting PIM testing
- Bringing CPRI and DAS together - Products - PDF HERE

May/June : - The Internet of Everything is starting to take shape - MEMS-based micro mirror laser projector can be integrated into cell phones - Micro fuel cell based water-activated charger for mobile phones - LTE smart cell base station antenna matched for maximum efficiency - Short Range Wireless : small cells with Wi-Fi to reshap wireless market - GapSense unclogs WiFi - UltraCMOS semiconductor technology platforms have changed the way RF is designed - New products - PDF HERE

March/April wireless charging for devices smaller than mobile phones
- Arduino-compatible computer with Bluetooth low energy
- Wireless Infrastructure
- RF - Radio / RF - SDR / RF - M2M / RF - Test
- New products - PDF HERE

January/February 2013 : - Robots and wireless fabric are only starting to change our way of life - Telehealth to reach 1.8 million patients y 2017- Smartphone combines LCD and e-paper displays - Measuring radio frequency interference - Wireless Sensors/Networks - PDF HERE

November 2012 : Short Range Wireless - NFC : Near-field communications power utility transactions
- Microwav Materials : Deciphering datasheets for high-frequency circuit materials
- Human hotspots - wireless for your body

October 2012  Agilent : FieldFox microwave analyzers deliver precise measurements in virtually any field environment - Test & Meaurement : VoLTE - the next big test for 4G networks - Test & Measurement : How new miniature reflectometer modules deliver dramatically enhanced productivity and accuracy in broadband/mmW VNA testing - Europe develops space safety radar

September 2012 : 4G/LTE/LTE-Advanced - Low power RF - National Instruments launches true software instrument set to revolutionize RF test - Advanced radar systems design with Visual System Simulator by AWR

July/August 2012 : - Microwave Components - CAD/EDA/EM-Software

May/June 2012 : Agilent'spure, precise signal generators help designers create next-generation wireless devices
- antennas : tuning components enable better wireless performance

March/April 2012 :  MEMS/Nanotech - Millimiter Wave Technology - High Frequency Materials
January/February 2012 :  Test & Measurement - Wireless Infrastructure

Nobember 2011 : Radar : testing accross digital baseband and RF domains - MEMS/Nanotechnology - Low Power RF
October 2011 : Low power 2.4GHz SoCs help wireless muscle stimulator - Qualcomm looks to smartphones to drive growth - Wireless Test  -  Security on the wireless mobile highway - Wireless power transmission for consumer electronics and electric vehicles
September 2011 - SEMCAD X : Enhanced Simulation of Waveguide Structures - 4G Wireless - CAD/EDA/EM-Software
July/August 2011 - Military & Aerospace
June 2011 - Antennas - Wireless networking
May 2011 - MMICs/RFICs - RF amplifiers
April 2011 - Start-up focus - Millimiter-wave technology
March 2011 - Wireless infrastructure : LTE indoors - use VGAs in design  - Radio : half-inch UMTS
January/February 2011 - Wireless infrastructure : LTE indoors - use VGAs in design  - Radio : half-inch UMTS

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