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April 09, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Is 5G network slowing down in China?
The latest 5G report form IDTechEx Research finds that there will be over 120 million 5G network subscribers in 2022 and 1.5 billion by 2029 in China, about half of the total number globally. However, the findings suggest that 5G is slowing down in China.

IDTechEx points out that it is predicted that by 2030 the direct 5G revenue in China will be 6.3 trillion CNY (about $930 bn) and the CAGR in the coming ten years will be 29 percent. 5G will create 8 million jobs and contribute around 5.8 percent GDP growth in China by 2030. The indirect revenue generated by 5G will be 10.6 trillion CNY (about $1,579 bn), with CAGR of 24 percent. Among them, the direct revenue for telecoms will be over $200 bn by 2029.

As the current 5G deployment plan is slower than expected, these numbers might be overestimated. The new IDTechEx Research report '5G Technology, Market and Forecast 2019-2029' forecasts a moderated revenue of $160 bn for telecoms in China by 2029. Nonetheless, China is still the main market to watch. It is likely that the telecoms in China will at least invest $200-350 bn from 2020-2030 for 5G development, with the key focus on automotive, industry, healthcare and energy.


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