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February 12, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
AI-powered service assurance platform for 5G
Nova Adaptive Service Assurance (Nova A|SA) from EXFO is the first intelligent automation platform enabling mobile network operators to deliver ultra-reliable, high-quality service experience in a 5G world.

In addition, most customers score their brand experience on network performance, and there is enormous commercial opportunity for operators who successfully deliver on the promise of 5G and win customer loyalty. However, they are facing unprecedented challenges:

  • Operators are currently 98.7% blind to subscriber-impacting events, despite their best efforts. They are provided only with performance averages and aggregates, rather than per-subscriber problems with unique service experiences. It is only an approximate view of the health of their networks and how well they are performing.
  • 91% of operators say they need service assurance automation to maintain control. As networks continue to virtualize, outages have escalated by 46% in the last three years alone, 65% of which originate in virtualized domains.
  • Operations teams are stretched to the limit: On average, operator teams spend 67% of their time fixing network and service issues. Resolution effort and complexity of outages are increasing: it typically takes 12 people from three different teams over three hours to identify the root cause of each outage.

"This is the new breed of service assurance the industry requires to deliver 5G successfully. Nova A|SA's data-driven insights enable operators to proactively resolve network issues and deliver exceptional customer experience," said Abdelkrim Benamar, EXFO Vice President of Service Assurance, Systems and Services. "The platform was built with the knowledge and expertise derived from the richness of EXFO's portfolio, which includes fiber monitoring, active and passive service assurance from RAN to core and network topology. What we're hearing from our customers is that this kind of adaptive service assurance will revolutionize their automated operations, service delivery and customer experience management."

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