Anokiwave and hiSky collaborate on smart SATCOM terminals

August 05, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Anokiwave and hiSky collaborate on smart SATCOM terminals
Anokiwave and hiSky aim to enable and deliver affordable commercial scale flat panel active antenna based satellite communications.

Taking a long standing partnership to the next level, Anokiwave and hiSky have agreed to collaborate on enabling the next generation of low cost, voice, data, and IoT satellite communications (SATCOM) terminals. Under the agreement, Anokiwave will provide its advanced low-cost silicon core ICs in Ku and K/Ka band and hiSky will provide small form factor terminal based phased array antennas for commercial and industrial applications.

To achieve the aims of the collaboration, hiSky brings its innovative business  models, technical expertise for implementation of satellite communication systems, and its recently announced low cost and performance focused MODEM-on-chip ASIC while Anokiwave provides its Silicon Beamformer ICs that enable small form factor flat panel active antennas for SATCOM.

The hiSky Smartellite™ products, utilizing Anokiwave ICs, offer an industry leading, small, portable, and cost-effective flat panel satellite terminal for mass market.

Anokiwave’s SATCOM ICs have enabled hiSky to improve the RF performance, reduce array size, simplify thermal management, and utilize unique digital features in the array design. Building upon this experience, Anokiwave will deliver SATCOM ICs that leverage the performance improvements of previous generations while reducing the overall IC and system cost by an order of magnitude.

On the other hand, hiSky is developing a unique MODEM-on-chip ASIC that will complete the full array solution to deliver an application focused performance at the lowest possible cost.

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