Ansys buying Analytical Graphics to solve from chip to mission

October 26, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Ansys buying Analytical Graphics to solve from chip to mission
The acquisition will expand the Ansys portfolio and empower users to simulate from the component level through to the entire mission.

Ansys has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Analytical Graphics, Inc., a premier provider of mission-driven simulation, modeling, testing and analysis software for aerospace, defense and intelligence applications. Once closed, the acquisition will expand the scope of the Ansys portfolio, empowering users to solve challenges by simulating from the chip now all the way to a customers' entire mission – like tracking an orbiting satellite and its periodic connection to ground stations.

The purchase price for the transaction is $700 million, of which 67% of the consideration will be paid in cash and 33% will be paid through the issuance of Ansys common stock. In conjunction with the transaction, Ansys anticipates obtaining new debt financing to fund a significant portion of the cash component of the purchase price.

Analytical Graphics, Inc., (AGI) has pioneered digital mission engineering, a key component of digital transformation. Once closed, the acquisition of AGI will enable Ansys to deliver  a simulation footprint that encompasses entire missions, an area of simulation beyond the traditional component or product level. Missions are typically higher-level endeavors that support space, telecommunications, national defense and search-and-rescue initiatives. Mission-driven simulation, integrated with systems engineering, enables organizations to provide the best configuration to achieve various desired mission objectives.

Cubesat imaging pass downlink with Ansys HFSS antenna.

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