Arduino add-on board features eight LoRa channels

March 11, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Arduino add-on board features eight LoRa channels
Development Distributor Farnell element14 is making available its latest Arduino Pro Gateway kit which connects seamlessly with Arduino’s MKR WAN 1300 development board, allowing existing Arduino users to design and prototype long-range, low-power IoT devices in a familiar Arduino environment without changing platforms.

Installation, provisioning and remote management of the gateway are greatly simplified through the Arduino Create platform, enabling users to leverage LoRa connectivity in many potential applications such as automated meter reading, environmental monitoring, home and building automation, industrial control or agricultural monitoring to name a few. The gateway is designed around the Semtech SX1301 digital baseband chip: a digital signal processing engine which enables robust connection between the gateway and a large number of wireless end-points spread over a wide range of distances.

The Arduino Pro Gateway offers up to eight LoRa channels in the 868 MHz frequency band, allowing it to receive up to eight LoRa packets simultaneously. It features a Listen Before Talk (LBT) capability, which allows users to transmit at higher power on the first free channel, achieving longer ranges than conventional gateways for LoRa. The gateway also comes pre-installed with an optimized packet forwarder and a carrier grade network server for LoRaWAN that is running on the Arduino Cloud, powered by A2A.

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