Bidirectional autofocus actuator for 16-Mpixel smartphone cameras

April 27, 2016 //By Graham Prophet
Bidirectional autofocus actuator for 16-Mpixel smartphone cameras
The ATMJ1Z95 Series bi-directional type autofocus actuator from Alps Electric is a 2.8 mm low-profile device for smartphone camera modules that have 16 Mpixel sensors, and other applications, such as camera-integrated office equipment. The bi-directional drive provides low power consumption.

Generally speaking, for a device to take sharp, high-resolution photos it requires a powerful image sensor, as well as a large-diameter imaging lens for collecting as much light as possible. At the same time, electronic components integrated into smartphones need to be thin to maintain design appeal while also helping to save battery by consuming little power. The ATMJ1Z95 actuator enables both compatibility with large-diameter lenses and low power consumption. The ATMJ1Z95 Series supports large lenses with a diameter of 6.9 mm and has dimensions of 9 × 9 × 2.8 mm for a slim profile.

The new series sets the initial position of the lens at a frequently used focal distance (position) and adjusts focus by moving the lens from that point in one direction or the other (bi-directionally) depending on whether the current is positive or negative. Compared to preload type actuators, this shortens the distance the lens has to travel, thereby reducing the amount of power required to move the lens to around one third and enabling high-speed focusing. High precision achieves a tilt of less than 1/10th of a degree during lens drive.

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