Blockchain advances distributed cloud computing

January 11, 2018 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Blockchain advances distributed cloud computing
OneThing Cloud from Xunlei leverages user's idle computing resources and organizes them into a massive cloud computing infrastructure.

Xunlei not only keeps breaking records of distributed cloud computing, but also leads in commercializing blockchain in consumer use – winning the CES Most Popular Product Award with OneThing Cloud.

OneThing Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xunlei, launched OneThing Cloud in August 2017. It is a private cloud specifically designed for individuals with high quality digital needs, providing people with quick downloads, storage, file management and other functions with remote control.. After introducing OneThing Rewards Program, it also serves as shared computing node, enabling Onething to sell cloud computing to technology companies at a much lower cost.

Through authorized intelligent hardware, OneThing Cloud collects idle bandwidth, storage, and computing resources at user's homes, and transforms them to higher-performance cloud computing services through cross-platform and low-power-consumption virtualization and intelligent dispatching of accessing the nearest nodes.

Further, applying blockchain to crowd-sourced computing enables more possibilities in driving future developments and performance.

Users joining the OneThing Reward Plan can gain digital assets, LinkToken, created with blockchain technologies, through sharing idle bandwidth, storage and other resources. With the features of fairness, transparency and tamper-resistance, it facilitates the exchange of shared computing resources.

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