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January 17, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Bluetooth sticker sensor tag operates battery-free
With a vision to connect people with packaging and products using paper thin battery-free Bluetooth sensors, Israeli startup Wiliot has raised $30 million in series B funding with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Investment Arm, Samsung Venture Investment Corp., and Avery Dennison.

“Re-cycling the radiation around us to power sticker-size sensors can enable new ways for consumers to interact with products that were previously not feasible. Products can share when they are picked up, their temperature, or when they need to be replenished. Without batteries or other high-cost components, tags have unlimited power and lifespan, so can be embedded inside of products that were previously unconnected to the Internet of Things.”

Real-life applications for Wiliot tags include real-time item tracking through a manufacturing process, to the warehouse and from the store to the end consumer, all while gathering critical information. At the retail level, the Wiliot transponder can overcome the limits of human-readable product information on tags or packaging, unlocking interactive engagement through the consumer's own phone or displays. At home, consumers can communicate with their products to get instructions and reminders of when and how to use them, and Wiliot-enabled containers can automatically reorder themselves when empty.  Valuable products can be tracked in case they are lost or stolen without having to add a dongle with limited battery life. 


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