Bosch Sensortec launches community to accelerate IoT applications

February 18, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Bosch Sensortec launches community to accelerate IoT applications
Bosch Sensortec has launched a new ideation community for customers, partners, developers and makers to learn about sensing solutions and to accelerate the development of innovative IoT applications. The community provides useful information and best practice advice and allows developers to share their experience with others.

The Bosch Sensortec Community enables developers to discuss Bosch Sensortec’s product portfolio of MEMS sensors and systems designed for a wide range of applications such as low power IoT (Internet of Things) devices, robotics, AR/VR, wearables and smartphones. The MEMS sensor portfolio includes accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and environmental sensors, inertial measurement units (IMUs) and smart sensors – as well as a comprehensive portfolio of software and tools.

Registration is now possible at

In addition, at embedded world, Bosch Sensortec will also be showcasing its latest MEMS sensor systems. This includes the BMI270, a smart ultra-low power IMU specifically designed for wearable applications. For example, the BMI270 includes intuitive gesture and activity recognition, and an integrated plug-and-play step counter, specifically optimized for accurate counting in wrist-worn devices. Furthermore, Bosch Sensortec will be presenting solutions for smart home applications, such as the BME680 gas sensor for air quality measurement.


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