Broadband capacitor claims to be smallest

July 12, 2018 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Broadband capacitor claims to be smallest
The 01005BB104 broadband 100nF multilayer ceramic capacitors from Passive Plus claim to be the industry’s smallest parts characterized for RF performance.

The capacitors boast a case measuring (mils) 16 x 8 x 8, and offer resonant-free RF coupling/DC blocking from 16 kHz (lower 3-dB frequency) to beyond 65 GHz with < 1 dB insertion loss and less than -15 dB return loss on suitable substrates. The 01005BB104 is rated at a DC working voltage (WVDC) of 4.0 and is available in a nickel-tin termination.

The 01005BB104 has global RF models available (with 90-day free trials) from Modelithics, that enable accurate CAD simulation on various substrates, with a range of mounting pad dimensions. All lots are tested at RF frequencies to insure performance consistency.

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