CEVA RivieraWaves IP supports game-changing LE Audio

January 07, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
CEVA RivieraWaves IP supports game-changing LE Audio
Enhancing its offerings for developers of true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds and other wireless audio devices, CEVA has announced general availability of RivieraWaves Bluetooth Low Energy and Dual Mode IP with support for game-changing LE Audio.

Support for LE Audio positions CEVA as a one-stop-shop for low power connectivity, audio/voice and sensor fusion for the wireless audio market. LE Audio is the next generation of Bluetooth audio. It introduces new features that enhance audio quality and link robustness as well as enabling new audio sharing use cases. The audio quality improvements are courtesy of a new codec called LC3, or Low Complexity Communications Codec, which also enables lower power operation and so extending the battery life of TWS earbuds and other audio streaming devices. LC3 is already optimized for audio DSPs from CEVA.

"The Bluetooth community continues to drive the technology forward to meet evolving market needs and create new opportunities," said Mark Powell, CEO of Bluetooth SIG. “LE Audio is a prime example. Not only will it enhance the performance of existing Bluetooth audio products, it introduces Audio Sharing, a new audio use case poised to transform the way we experience audio and connect with the world around us.”

RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP platforms enable comprehensive implementation of both Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth dual mode connectivity. Each platform consists of a hardware baseband controller, plus a feature-rich software protocol stack. A flexible radio interface allows the platforms to be deployed with either RivieraWaves RF or various partners’ RF IP, enabling optimal selection of foundry and process node.

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