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February 14, 2020 //By Omdia
Coronavirus to affect electronic supply chains, 5G
The spread of coronavirus is impacting diverse and interconnected sectors of the electronics industry, potentially dirupting 5G deployment.

Semiconductor supply steady for now—but risks are mounting

Omdia so far has not detected any coronavirus impact on the supply of semiconductors used in 5G smartphones and other products. However, the epidemic does raise some serious long-term concerns. If coronavirus continues to spread and spur significant public-health problems in China, electronics manufacturers in the country may be forced to slow manufacturing or even shut down some operations. This could have a significant impact on global semiconductor supply.

Looking at the major Chinese semiconductor foundries, the proportion of revenue they obtain from domestic customers is significant. If there is a deceleration in manufacturing within China, it is likely to not only impact chip suppliers but also companies that purchase large volumes of chips to produce end products. These companies include electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providers and original design manufacturers (ODMs).

Medical imaging takes on the coronavirus

According to Chinese officials, the official total number of cases has surpassed 65000 and growing. Radiography and CT imaging will play a fundamental role in mass screening and diagnosis of suspected patients of the deadly coronavirus. In such circumstances, artificial-intelligence powered recognition can drive case prioritization and identification of key indicators and symptoms of the coronavirus, in particular pneumonia. This helps medical professionals to tackle and control the outbreak of this global epidemic.

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