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June 20, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Daimler looks to 5G networked real-time manufacturing
Not only the high data transfer rates, but above all short latency times and fast response behaviour make 5G mobile radio technology interesting for real-time applications such as robotics. Vehicle manufacturer Daimler is now taking advantage of these features: Together with Telefónica Germany, the company is building a 5G networked production facility.

For various test scenarios on the automobile of the future, the 5G network can process enormous amounts of data ("data shower") within a very short time. 5G offers the high data rates in the Gigabit/s range required for such applications as well as short latency times and high reliability.

In order to achieve the full performance of 5G, short distances are necessary. According to the vehicle manufacturer, this can only be achieved with a local infrastructure that will be used for the first time in Daimler's Factory 56. All assembly systems and conveyor technology are Internet of Things-enabled. The Factory 56 will be equipped with several 5G small cell indoor antennas and a central 5G hub by the cooperation partners.

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The equipment of the production area with 5G technology has already been largely completed, Daimler explained. Operational commissioning is scheduled for the beginning of next year. The plant will later serve as a blueprint for further production facilities in Daimler's worldwide production network.

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