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June 25, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Data aggregation platform for automotive industry
Excelfore has announced the eDatX™ platform for big data driven AI learning in fields of error detection, predictive analytics, and advanced algorithm development for automotive applications.

It also includes an in-vehicle eDatX service for:

  • Integration with the OTA data pipeline for authentication, provisioning and registration;
  • Rules-based data management based on flow control policies;
  • Centralized and distributed rolling buffers for data from multiple sensors and ECUs;
  • In-vehicle data stores for multiple sensors and ECUs;
  • Data granularity management during ingestion and post-storage;
  • Policy-based data granularity management to adapt to sporadic or lost network connections.

The eDatX platform is cloud agnostic and can work with any major commercial cloud service.

The platform can aggregate data gathered from a wide range of sensors, which for vehicles could include streaming cameras, lidar and radar, telematics speed and geo-locational data, and external and internal temperatures, g-force/acceleration, rotational torque, rotor position, AC current, DC voltage, fuel-air oxygen levels, hydraulic pressure, and bus/network traffic and protocol errors as well.

The eDatX platform may also be applied in industrial and smart building applications, where typical sensors could include photo/light detectors, occupancy sensors, air quality and internal temperature sensors.

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