Deutsche Telekom highlights standards in broadband networks

March 25, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Deutsche Telekom highlights standards in broadband networks
At the Broadband Forum Q1 meeting, Deutsche Telekom demonstrated NETCONF/YANG proof-of-concept for network management built on standardized APIs and data models – highlighting the importance of standards within future broadband networks.

Enabling faster time-to-market for new services, increased efficiency and lower operating costs, this network configuration and management with service delivery aims to address existing and emerging networking challenges. These sometimes include complex and slow interfacing between different management systems and vendors' protocols, inflexibility as a result of proprietary management systems and M2M management which often lags behind features.

With Deutsche Telekom now looking to expand the architecture's applicability, Demonstration Leader Mikael Abrahamsson said it must be standardized 'as much as possible' to ensure that automated networks can be built at scale. According to Abrahamsson, this will potentially allow operators to manage every aspect of their networks via a single protocol stack, enabling greater flexibility and efficiency, saving time and money.

"We are fully supportive of standardized APIs and models like NETCONF/YANG as they will allow operators to configure and manage many different things," said Abrahamsson. "As we continue this work, we are working towards having standardized modules as much as possible and with open source development and cooperation between vendors and operators becoming more crucial, we believe Broadband Forum has an important role to play."

Deutsche Telekom is now looking for more collaboration with other operators, Standards Defining Organizations (SDOs) and vendors.

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