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January 24, 2019 //By Rich Pell
'Digital Ghost' enables real-time, active cyber-defense for control systems
GE Research (Niskayuna, NY), the research and development division of General Electric, has announced a new real-time, active cyber-defense system for industrial control systems.

Digital Twins are core to Digital Ghost's capabilities for detecting, isolating, and then neutralizing cyberattacks. The Twins form a picture of the normal operations – or "true physics" of industrial assets – and are also extensively used to simulate attacks, which allows Digital Ghost to clearly differentiate between normal operation and a cyber-attack.

Colin Parris, Vice President of Software Research for GE Research and leader of the Digital Twin Initiative across GE, adds, "The premise of Digital Ghost is that you can't fool the physics, and the Digital Twin represents the true physics or normal operating conditions of a given power system. If any part of a power system experiences a change in operations outside the normal range, the Ghost is designed to recognize something is wrong, alert the operator and then relay to the control system how to mitigate a cyberattack."

Commercial plans for Digital Ghost are being formalized. Meanwhile, says the company, teams of researchers at the Center are continuing to work with the U.S. Department of Energy to make further developments with this cyber-defense technology in the power sector. Programs to develop new cyber protection solutions for wind power generation installations and natural gas systems are ongoing.

GE Research

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