Domestic microwave oven first to use solid-state RF power

March 23, 2016 //By Graham Prophet
Domestic microwave oven first to use solid-state RF power
Ampleon – the Dutch RF power device spin-out from NXP - and Midea, a global consumer appliance manufacturer, have announced the results of a collaboration into the use of solid state technology for compact oven design, resulting in Midea's launch of a product believed to be the first commercially available solid state RF energy oven.

Ampleon has explored and demonstarted the possibilities of using RF power transistors rather than a magnetron to generate the energy for microwave cooking for some time now. By addressing the technical challenges associated with designing a small-cavity appliance with a single antenna, Midea has created a 200-W table top oven that achieves homogenous cooking. The oven can be powered either from a mains power source or, for portable use, from a 24 VDC battery. Midea and Ampleon jointly developed the electronics and power amplifier stages while Midea focused on the overall product design.

Designed for space constrained kitchens or for portable food-on-the-go applications, the oven is the first result of the on-going collaboration between the two companies. Alan Luan, Director of Midea Kitchen Appliances Division Innovation Center, says, "The microwave heating and cooking industry is likely to be influenced by semiconductor microwave technology in the future."

Mr Pinglu Chen, Head of Sales Asia and Country Manager Greater China, Ampleon, comments, "The major benefit to adopting a solid state approach to cooking is that it yields a more uniform cooking experience by allowing total control over output power, frequency and phase, something that is impossible with a magnetron."

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