Edge device platform delivers security and authentication

October 09, 2019 //By Julien Happich
The DOME (Device Ownership Management & Enrolment) platform from SecureRF Corporation is a comprehensive device on-boarding and ownership management platform that provides processor-level security, authentication, and data management for devices at the edge of the IoT.

DOME gives every processor and device its own embedded blockchain pedigree and establishes proof of ownership without the need for a pervasive network or cloud connection. It supports scalable security functions like in-field ownership transfers and secure firmware updates, reducing the cost and complexity of IoT device management at the edge.

The platform leverages SecureRF’s fast and small cryptographic methods to provide touchless processor and device on-boarding, and creates a rooted proof of ownership. The DOME architecture enables any current or future owner to manage and transfer ownership operations without a persistent cloud or network connection. IoT devices in the field, especially those at the edge of the IoT, are often very small, low-energy, and lack a direct cloud connection. When used as software, DOME requires less than 8K of ROM, and can run on the smallest processors resulting in significant cost and complexity reduction for device owners.

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