eSIM-based devices shipments to hit nearly 2-billion by 2025

July 11, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
eSIM-based devices shipments to hit nearly 2-billion by 2025
According to the latest research report from the Counterpoint ETO (Emerging Technology Opportunities) service, shipments of eSIM-based devices will reach almost two billion units by 2025, up from 364 million in 2018.

The market will be driven mainly by smartphones and enterprise IoT devices. The report’s findings also show that most eSIM-based devices will have a hardware chip based eSIM until 2025, and after that, we will see a rise in the adoption of integrated SIM-based solutions.
Commenting on the market demand for eSIMs, Counterpoint Research Analyst, Satyajit Sinha, noted, "The growth of eSIMs will revolutionize how the connectivity across the devices will be activated and managed. Its compact form factor offers significant space reduction along with potentially higher security, re-programmability, and power efficiencies. For operators, eSIMs can significantly reduce SIM distribution and activation costs with the potential to generate higher roaming revenues."

Sinha added, "Currently, the majority of the eSIM deployments have been proprietary Soft SIM solutions. However, hardware-based eSIMs are gaining traction, thanks to Apple, automotive OEMs, and wearables. The leading suppliers of hardware-based eSIMs include Infineon, ST Micro, Gemalto, G+D, Workz, and others. RedteaMobile, Truphone, Telna, ARM, roam2free, and others are leading suppliers for proprietary Soft SIM-based eSIM solutions."

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