Europe backs Gaia-X to deliver cloud 'digital sovereignty'

June 05, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
Europe backs Gaia-X to deliver cloud 'digital sovereignty'
Gaia-X aims to provide data portability, privacy and 'digital sovereignty' for cloud and data centre services across Europe.

The French and German governments have backed an ambitious project called Gaia-X to provide an open network of data centres that enable cloud services with a focus on security, data privacy and identity management. The project, demonstrated by German cloud provider Cloud & Heat, would take on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure as well as use their data centre resources.  

The German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier, and French Minister for the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, today published the first architecture paper on Gaia-X which runs from large AI accelerators and supercomputers to edge computing for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

“I am pleased that we can now present the first tangible results from GAIA-X to the public,” said Dr. Marius Feldmann, COO of Cloud & Heat Technologies which runs 24 data centres across Europe powered by waste heat and renewable energy.

“With the presentation of the demonstrator, the project takes an important step on the way to a European digital ecosystem, especially since parts of it have already been programmed,” he said. “On this basis, we can not only clearly explain the Gaia-X principle to the world, but also identify hurdles more easily. The next goal is to expand the demonstrator with additional use cases and the addition of additional functions, especially in the area of ​​identity management.”

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