Europe launches €8 million next-gen IoT environments project

November 09, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Europe launches €8 million next-gen IoT environments project
Three year project based on AI and the IoT will primarily deliver intelligent, autonomous, and human-centered healthcare but also cover the manufacturing and agricultural sectors

A pan-European research and innovation project supported by the European Commission with €8 million funding, IntellIoT aims to foster the development of humanized IoT and AI devices and systems. It comprises a consortium of 13 partners spread across 9 countries and will enable autonomous IoT-systems that show intelligence at the edge close to the user, where patients receive instantaneous healthcare advice without transferring a large amount of data to central premises. For example, with the help of AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, patients with cardiovascular diseases will be treated remotely: easier, faster and with higher quality.

The COVID-19 crisis has posed unprecedented demands on healthcare systems worldwide, highlighting the need to develop new, human-centered and autonomous technologies that can dramatically optimize patient-management and treatment. The use of biometric sensors and remote health assistance allows close monitoring without the need for face-to-face consultation or physical hospital visits. Activity trackers and health monitoring devices are instrumental for the early detection of the disease or possible infection, right up to the point where a virus infection starts to spread. Not only will this help with immediate coronavirus issues, but it will also help with any future outbreaks.

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