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November 09, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Europe launches €8 million next-gen IoT environments project
Three year project based on AI and the IoT will primarily deliver intelligent, autonomous, and human-centered healthcare but also cover the manufacturing and agricultural sectors

A multifaceted project for three key industries

Apart from healthcare, IntellIoT will foster the creation of IoT solutions applicable to agriculture and manufacturing, while fomenting an ecosystem united by a shared vision committed to privacy, security, trust, and in which the intelligence of humans and devices can seamlessly intertwine.

With collaboration and open-source sharing being two cornerstones of the European Commission regarding its projects, IntellIoT will hold two open calls geared towards enabling startups and SMEs to build applications, services and extensions on the project's framework in three concrete use cases – healthcare, agriculture and manufacturing. SMEs and startups will receive up to €150,000 to execute pilot projects alongside the 13 consortia partners, in order to apply the IntellIoT technology, improve their products and services, and create new jobs.

"The goal of this collaboration will ensure the applicability of the technology framework developed by IntellIoT in real-world scenarios, as well as to allow innovative solutions created on top of the IntellIoT framework and to build an ecosystem around the technology for exploitation beyond the project lifetime", says Arne Bröring, Senior Key Expert Research Scientist at the Corporate Technology department of Siemens AG and Technical Project Manager of IntellIoT.

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