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January 07, 2021 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
EXFO and Openreach in Full Fibre initiative, Europe to follow
Openreach to deploy permanent Full Fibre monitoring technology to help deliver ultrafast and ultra-reliable broadband to millions of homes and businesses.

Peter Bell, Director, Network Technology, Openreach: "We know that now more than ever that being connected matters. We're convinced that our new Full Fibre network can play a crucial role in keeping the nation connected. This year, our build has been gathering pace and momentum, and we're determined to match that rapid speed of deployment with the highest standards of build quality build and customer service. As a long-term Openreach partner, EXFO was selected thanks to its proven ability to provide fast, automated qualification of fibre builds, and for its unique iOLM OTDR technology.”

Wim te Niet, Vice President, Sales – EMEA, EXFO: "Openreach is an early mover in adopting permanent fibre monitoring technology, which will eventually cover all households in the UK. Currently, the FTTH/B penetration rate in the UK stands at 18 percent, and Openreach has an ambitious plan to build out Full Fibre to millions of households and businesses. We see a similar wave in other key European markets like Germany. I believe network operators across Europe will soon follow Openreach's lead to ensure first-time-right installations, reduce turn-up failures, and substantially reduce truck rolls for service calls. As for markets with high FTTH/B penetration rates, telecom operators are finding they need sophisticated automated monitoring tools to ensure superior customer experience. EXFO's innovative Nova Fiber solution gives them these abilities."



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