FPGA-based IoT developement board for prototyping

January 08, 2019 //By Ally Winning
FPGA-based IoT developement board for prototyping
At CES, THK will show prototype applications using the its ARGUS BOARD microcomputers for IoT and industrial applications.

ARGUS BALANCE is a sensing chair that can detect breathing and other body information; ATMOS II is a human shaped sensing object which can detect the surrounding environment; and SENSING SCAPE STUDIO transforms environmental information into media art – all of which are on show at CES 2019 .

The ARGUS BOARD is specialised in sensing and features high processing capability and a mounted FPGA to support the development of prototypes. The board is based on the ESP32 (from Espressif systems) which has a processing capability of 600 MIPS. It has a mounted FPGA to make microcomputer programming and processing simple. The FPGA and ESP32 processor provide advanced security features to prevent intrusion and data exploitation. All boards have a unique ID as well as an encrypted code.


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