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February 16, 2021 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Free-space light could power high-speed optical WiFi
Plasmonic speed enhancements previously constrained to nanoscale phenomena are replicated on macroscopic optical devices.

"In this demonstration, our structure acts to efficiently relay the photons from a wide angle into a narrow angle without losing speed," said Mikkelsen. "We didn't integrate a regular fast photodetector like the Connectivity Lab did in their original paper yet. But we solved the major bottleneck in the design and the future applications are very exciting!”

This work was funded by Facebook and Air Force Office of Scientific Research (FA9550-15-1-0301, FA9550-18-1-0326).


"Low-loss, Centimeter-Scale Plasmonic Metasurface for Ultrafast Optoelectronics," Andrew J. Traverso, Jiani Huang, Thibault Peyronel, Guoce Yang, Tobias G. Tiecke, and Maiken H. Mikkelsen. Optica, Feb. 11, 2021. DOI: 10.1264/OPTICA.400731


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