Fully integrated flat-panel satellite/LTE terminal

May 20, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Fully integrated flat-panel satellite/LTE terminal
Claiming to be a first of its kind product, a fully integrated communications-on-the-move (COTM) terminal that offers both LTE and satellite communications capabilities has been developed by Paradigm, Kymeta and Lepton Global Solutions.

The MANTA+ satellite/LTE terminal integrates Kymeta's breakthrough flat-panel antenna with Cradlepoint cellular technology and Paradigm's PIM® (Paradigm Interface Module) interface. Paradigm and Lepton Global have worked together to address the requirements of the U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) community who have adopted the MANTA+. The terminal is now commercially available for other users.

This fully integrated satcom and LTE system ensures constant connectivity by seamlessly switching between satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Operational both as a comms-on-the-pause terminal and a comms-on-the-move terminal, the MANTA+ is self-pointing and provides automatic network switching via the integrated LTE router. The unit has no moving parts and is discreet, the user just adds power. Any device connected to the MANTA+ (whether wirelessly or via a physical port) will be routed via  Wi-Fi, cellular or satellite depending on real time availability, service  weighting and/or least cost.

The MANTA+ integrates Cradlepoint technology for failover routing between services and uses the Paradigm Interface Module (PIM®) as a single-control interface designed to accommodate simple, out-of-the-box satellite acquisition. It comes standard with an iDirect X7 integrated modem and supports a wide range of modem technologies and BUC options.

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