Gbps video streamed in final 5G-XHaul demonstration

July 10, 2018 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Gbps video streamed in final 5G-XHaul demonstration
Blu Wireless Technology has announced its 5G-ready technology has been used to stream Gbps video through Bristol’s historic centre as part of a final demonstration of the 5G-XHaul project.

The 5G-XHaul project demonstration, which started July 1 2015, marks the end of a 3 year collaborative research study to identify 5G technologies funded by the European Commission under the framework of the 5G Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP). In the demonstration, Blu Wireless mmWave baseband IP joins 5G technologies from 12 consortium partners from government, industry and academia, including Huawei, Telefonica, Bristol is Open and the University of Bristol. 

Blu Wireless mmWave baseband IP and the latest mmWave Typhoon™ modems are used to provide a canopy of connectivity across the city, using a wireless mesh network on which the data is transmitted. Suitable for deployments of carrier-grade gigabit connectivity, Blu Wireless’s highly integrated and sophisticated mmWave products enable ultra-fast, low-latency connectivity for combined backhaul and broadband, 5G networks, high-speed transport, consumer and smart city applications. This technology of tomorrow is ready today for easy and cost-effective roll-out.

“Through SMEs such as ourselves, various academic institutions and partners, and with support from government organisations such as Bristol is Open and Bristol City Council, the UK is helping to deliver world-leading 5G and mmWave wireless technologies,” said Henry Nurser, CEO at Blu Wireless. "Our intention is to continue to work on 5G trial deployments and testbeds, such as University of Surrey Innovation Centre 5G testbed, Autoair – where the use of the upper 60 GHz band in an outdoor mesh deployment is believed to be a world first – and the Liverpool 5G testbed, where we are helping deliver gigabit internet to homes in digitally excluded communities. This will specifically benefit the local social and health care services across the region.”

As part of the demonstration to mark the end of the 5G-XHaul project, Blu Wireless has worked closely with Bristol Is Open Smart City Research and Development Platform, supplying its 60 GHz baseband IP to deliver a novel wireless mesh network that extends gigabit coverage from a terabit fibre optic backbone into non-connected areas of the city.

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