Hardware-agnostic cloud-native 4G/5G unified data manager

February 06, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Hardware-agnostic cloud-native 4G/5G unified data manager
The Enea Unified Data Manager, a hardware-agnostic, cloud-native network function for 4G and 5G data management performs the 3GPP functions of Unified Data Management (UDM) in 5G networks and interoperates with any Home Subscriber Server (HSS) in 4G.

The Unified Data Manager is a critical component in multi-vendor and multi-generation network architectures.

Operators, who initially focused on the radio side of 5G technology, are now starting to deploy 5G Standalone (SA) networks, which include a 5G core and a new way to manage data. Sue Rudd, Director Networks and Service Platforms at Strategy Analytics, commented: “UDM is redefining both networking and data management. It allows seamless services for converged consumer broadband, IoT apps at the edge, and for private networking with true cloud-native apps in an externalized state.”

Rudd continued: “A number of operators are also waking up to the uncomfortable truth about the complexity and cost of combining 4G core networks with 5G radio. They are now realizing that a faster move to UDM solutions can simplify and accelerate the transition to 5G SA networks.”

Enea’s modular approach complies with both current and evolving 3GPP standards and helps operators avoid the vendor database lock-in – today and in the future. The data manager supports 5G SIM and non-SIM based authentication, and thanks to its 4G interoperability, it also allows seamless roaming between 4G and 5G services, works with existing 4G credentials, and eliminates the need to provision all existing subscribers to the new 5G network immediately.

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