High current conicals with up to 10-A rating

February 27, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
High current conicals with up to 10-A rating
Claimimg an industry first, Gowanda Electronics has announced the introduction of new broadband microwave RF conical inductors that provide DC current handling up to 10-A – the highest level in the industry – and low insertion loss.

The four new series – C305FL, C550FL, C750FL and C1000FL – expand the company’s conical offerings and will be featured at the 2019 Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC) in San Diego, California.

The performance ranges provided by these four new wirewound flying lead conical series include inductance from 0.30 µH to 22 µH (typical), Q from 30 to 66 (typical), maximum DCR from 0.02 Ω to 0.265 Ω and current rating from 1300 mA to 10500 mA DC . All four series have been outgassing tested per ASTM E595 and meet the TML requirement of 1.0% maximum.

Developed to address market needs and industry trends calling for ever-increasing performance from broadband conical components, the new series will be utilized in communication applications for bias T’s (filter signals, remove noise), broadband chip manufacturing, communication platforms, high frequency, microwave circuitry, RF test set-ups, test & measurement, test gear, test instrumentation and transmission amplifiers.

Standard terminations and gold terminations are RoHS compliant, while Pb terminations are available on request.


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