Huawei 5G equipment banned in UK, removal by 2027

July 14, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
Huawei 5G equipment banned in UK, removal by 2027
The UK government has announced a ban on buying new 5G cellular communications equipment from Huawei starting from December 31, 2020, but has delayed the ousting of all existing Huawei equipment until 2027.

At the same time the UK government has advised fibre optic broadband suppliers should transition away from purchasing 5G Huawei equipment.

The UK had previously said it would look to get all Huawei equipment out of UK communications networks by 2023. This brought howls of protest from mobile service providers who contended it would be unfeasibly expensive to remove the equipment. The delayed removal of equipment appears to be an attempt the spread costs out for those operators.

The latest decision has implemented the total ban on Huawei that had been sought by the United States while giving greater time for the replacement of Huawei equipment and indicating this removal applies to 5G cellular communications only.

China's Huawei is the world's largest telecommunications equipment company and a leader in 5G cellular communications equipment. However, it has been accused by the US of being a security risk because under Chinese law it could be compelled to share data with the Chinese government. Huawei has always protested that it has no intention of such action.

The UK had originally tried to ignore US calls for an outright ban on Huawei and took a compromise position in January – allowing Huawei a limited role at the periphery of the UK's 5G network – in the hope of maintaining relations with both the US and China.

However, since May when the US began implementing increased sanctions against Huawei denying the telecommunications firm access to leading-edge integrated circuits (see US tightens restrictions on Huawei's chip supply) the UK has asked the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to look at the impact of US sanctions and how the effect Huawei's credibility as a supplier.

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