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April 21, 2017 //By Kashif Hussain
Hunting interference to reduce churn and drive profits
A continuous decline in revenue is one of the biggest challenges currently weighing heavily on the minds of mobile operators. In a recent report, McKinsey estimated that revenue and cash flow of telecommunications companies has dropped by an average of 6% a year since 2010. Therefore, it is no surprise that mobile operators are seeking new ways to cut costs and alleviate the squeeze on margins.

Harnessing the right tools

With new technology now available, the process of hunting for interference has been made simpler and more efficient for the engineers on the ground. And these advances in technology will be vital for mobile operators to improve QoS and achieve cost-savings at a time when they need it most.

Viavi Interference Advisor diagram.

Light-weight, cable free, and fully automated Wi-Fi enabled testing equipment offers immediate benefits to engineers who are no longer hindered by heavy tools. Engineers can hunt for interference from the driver’s seat, safely managing the entire process without stepping outside of the vehicle.

The use of low-cost automation technology can also significantly reduce the time spent on site detecting interference. Features such as automated interference navigation guides indicate the area of interference to the user, while voice prompts and map-style applications can direct the user straight to the suspected interference location. This technology is easy to set up and requires minimal training for the user.

By equipping engineers with smarter, more efficient tools, operators are now able to isolate and eliminate interference in as little as a few hours. The overall reduction in maintenance time can have huge savings for operators over the course of a year. In turn, the reduced subscriber churn from improved QoS can significantly bring down the costs for the operator further.

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