Infineon and Blumio to develop radar-based blood pressure sensor

July 28, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Infineon and Blumio to develop radar-based blood pressure sensor
Infineon Technologies has announced that its Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) has entered a new agreement with Blumio to co-develop a wearable, non-invasive blood pressure sensor based on Infineon’s XENSIV™ radar chipset by 2021.

The new radar-based sensor has the potential to disrupt the USD 45 billion market for wearable cardiovascular monitoring devices by enabling continuous and precise measurement without a cuff.

“Bringing together Infineon’s 60 GHz radar chipset and system understanding with Blumio’s expertise in cardiovascular health monitoring in a more formal engagement lets both companies leverage their strengths to more rapidly bring the product to market,” said Adrian Mikolajczak, Head of the Infineon Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Power and Sensor Systems.

Upon successful completion, a kit combining Infineon’s radar chipset and development board with Blumio’s software and algorithms would be released to consumer and medical wearable device makers to integrate into their blood pressure monitoring devices.

With each beat of the heart, there is a pulsation that travels along the artery and creates microscopic motions on the surface of the skin. Blumio uses radar to measure arterial pulsation and capture arterial pressure waveforms to determine blood pressure. Radar has unique properties that are very distinct from existing technologies for vital sign detection. These include an imperviousness to skin color, variations in ambient light and other physiologic conditions, thus providing an advantage over existing sensor technologies.

Radar has been used in the past to assess vital signs. By measuring electromagnetic waves reflected from a target area of the body, it is possible to capture and record signals corresponding to respiration and blood circulation. With the advent of lower power radar chipsets with high sensitivity and faster processors, Blumio claims to be the first to combine the high sensitivity of a millimeter-wave radar with a wearable concept to create a new system for measuring arterial pulses at the wrist.

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