Innovative EMI shielding boosts 5G performance: Page 2 of 2

July 09, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Innovative EMI shielding boosts 5G performance
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is increasingly becoming a challenge today – especially for new generation mobile phones and 5G technology. Heraeus now offers a new complete portfolio consisting of silver ink, inkjet printer and curing equipment for EMI shielding. This system is both less expensive and much more effective than all other options available today.

"Adding the saved investment, our inkjet process is 15 times better at one million parts per year," explains Vollmann.

Previous inkjet solutions often failed due to unsuitable inks, which irreparably clog the printheads. The Heraeus advantage lies in its innovative ink molecular structure – based on Metal Organic Decomposition (MOD), the silver components are not individual ink nanoparticles, but linked elements of organic molecular chains.

After being applied, the organic parts evaporate through the application of heat – only the silver remains. In this way, the heads remain unclogged by individual particles, which saves considerable costs and effort.

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