IoTest kit lets you test antennas for IoT devices

September 07, 2018 //By Julien Happich
IoTest kit lets you test antennas for IoT devices
The IoTest kit jointly developed by PulseLarsen Antennas and Copper Mountain Technologies was packaged to accelerate the process of embedding antennas in your IoT device and evaluate in minutes if the antenna selection is suitable for the application.

The IoTest kit includes easy-to-use purpose-built antenna testing software with help and educational materials and a full line of IoT antennas already mounted on demo boards (18 in total) to choose from in order to test, compare, set up reference levels and converge to the best tuning possible. The kit is completed with a USB-powered antenna analyzer, the P60 to measure the return loss of the antenna under test and its dedicated calibration kit P911 from Copper Mountain Technologies. A foam jig, and all the necessary RF cables and adapters are included so one can start embedding and evaluating antenna performance for any IoT product. The broad range of sample IoT antennas included in the kit covers the full range of IoT frequencies.

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