Location-aware wireless sensors for industrial IoT

January 28, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Location-aware wireless sensors for industrial IoT
At the embedded world exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, Nanotron Technologies GmbH will be presenting 360° edge analytics that offers actionable business insights extracted directly from real-time sensor and location data, as well as a new line of location-aware wireless sensors suitable for mining, manufacturing and healthcare.

The 360° Edge Analytics solution processes data from any sensor in conjunction with any location radio technology. Location-aware sensors – sensors who are also able to report their location are increasingly important for distributed data acquisition such as sensing gases across extended areas in the mining industry.

Nanotron specializes in sensor and location data analytics on site and at the edge. Its new analytics products fill the gap between raw sensor and location data and business applications by automatically extracting event information in real-time. Position data is collected and augmented using application context information. Insights into complex business processes are the direct output. Data is transformed into actionable, powerful insights and profitable knowledge.

"Executing data analytics right at the edge brings true real-time performance with low-latency location-awareness to the Industrial IoT," said Dr Jens Albers, CEO at nanotron. "Nanotron’s 360° Edge Analytics delivers 360° visibility of events related to people, assets, machines and vehicles."

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