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February 13, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
LoRaWAN ‘sees’ growth of over 60 percent in 2018 covering nearly 100 countries
Experiencing massive growth of over 60 percent in 2018, the LoRaWAN protocol for IoT LPWANs now reaches close to 100 countries with both public and private network deployments passing the 100 networks milestone.

The LoRa Alliance™ ecosystem is based on an open standard protocol that future-proofs the technology – and supports a collaborative input to develop the standard. This open-standard also delivers a wide choice and high degree of flexibility when developing systems as users can leverage the best technology for their specific products.

The utility and reach of LoRaWAN is summed up in the following quotes, one form a growing economy and the other from a developed economy.

“LoRaWAN has seen tremendous interest and growth in India in the past year. In that market alone we already provide network coverage in 30 cities to support IoT applications such as smart metering, smart parking, and smart waste management solutions and see no signs of this slowing as we enter 2019,”  states Ali Hosseini, Founder & CEO, SenRa.

“Building a powerful IoT ecosystem that aided in the acceleration of IoT enabled innovation is paramount for Swisscom,” says Julian Dömer, Head of IoT, Swisscom. “As a result we were among the first operators to roll out LoRaWAN nationwide in 2016. Today, the Swisscom LoRaWAN network covers 96.6 Percent of the Swiss population.”

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Looking forward, the LoRaWAN Alliance will be targeting  specific verticals including logistics, Utilities, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, Smart Ag, Industrial IoT to show the value of LoRaWAN in key applications.

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