LoRaWAN ‘sees’ growth of over 60 percent in 2018 covering nearly 100 countries: Page 3 of 3

February 13, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
LoRaWAN ‘sees’ growth of over 60 percent in 2018 covering nearly 100 countries
Experiencing massive growth of over 60 percent in 2018, the LoRaWAN protocol for IoT LPWANs now reaches close to 100 countries with both public and private network deployments passing the 100 networks milestone.

In terms of certification the focus in the near future will be on adding RF testing as well as battery life as part of mandatory certification; developing pre-testing options to accelerate certification and make it easier and more feasible to have devices tested, and releasing certified reference stacks for developers to accelerate designs.

The LoRaWAN Alliance going forward will continue to expand roaming, tracking and FUOTA capabilities; create and release a LoRaWAN™ QR code format for device personalization; and continue to add regional parameters initially targeting Middle East and Africa.

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Public operators and private companies or individuals interested in deploying a LoRaWAN network can apply for a NetID from the LoRa Alliance, which can be assigned up to six months prior to joining the LoRa Alliance. Companies interested in learning more or requesting a NetID allocation should contact admin@mail.lora-alliance.org.

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