Major cloud security risks and how to mitigate them: Page 2 of 2

June 22, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
cloud security
The latest research by Netskope has found that 44% of security threats start in the cloud as hackers target popular cloud apps and services using well-known techniques of phishing and malware to get access to valuable enterprise data.

How companies can avoid cloud security threats

Data backup. According to Oliver Noble, data backup is the most important cloud security practice for your company to avoid any information loss. Regardless of the business and the data it handles, regular backups are a must, be it every three hours or three days.

Strong employee access management policies. Permission to your cloud database and storage should be granted only to those employees who require it. To avert any unsafe or dodgy attempts to log in, consider using multi-factor or biometric authentication methods.

Cloud security assessment. Every business that employs cloud infrastructure for its operations needs to conduct a cloud security assessment regularly — not only after something happens. A quarterly review is a good idea.

Data encryption. Make sure you encrypt all your business data, especially if you handle confidential customer information, such as medical, financial, or legal records, before uploading it to the cloud. By encrypting your files, you control who can open them. Even if they get stolen, no one will be able to access their content without your permission. User-friendly tools like NordLocker help your organization stay compliant with the GDPR, protect its reputation, and earn your clients’ trust.

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