Medical implant radio module enables short range connectivity

September 02, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Medical implant radio module enables short range connectivity
Murata has added a new radio module to its Type 1RM family of ultra-small Medical Implant Communication System (MICS) band radio modules.

The LBAA0PC1RMH298 radio module utilises the 402 to 405 MHz frequency band. It supports a 128 kbps data rate and can cover a communication range of up to 2m.

The new Murata module is designed for use in body-worn and implantable monitoring/diagnostic devices, with the capacity to address even the most data-intensive of operational requirements. Typical applications include insulin, drug, and baclofen pumps, as well as arrhythmia and bladder monitors.

Supplied in an extremely compact form factor, measuring 8.6- x 5.6- x 1.7-mm, this module is one of the smallest and most highly integrated solutions currently on the market. It leverages Murata’s proprietary wireless technology, which bundles all the key constituent active and passive components into a single miniaturised package. In addition to its elevated performance, the resultant module has a very low power budget with a sleep state current consumption of just 0.2 µA.

“Through our numerous MICS variants, and the unique bundling technology employed by them, Murata is helping to improve the lives of patients with serious health conditions,” states Rui Ramalho, Product Manager for Connectivity Modules at Murata.

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