Mixed mode option for digitizers and AWGs

September 27, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Mixed mode option for digitizers and AWGs
Spectrum Instrumentation has released an optional module for its latest range of 16-bit digitizers and AWGs that adds 16 synchronous digital lines to the analogue data.

The additional digital lines extend the four multi-purpose XIO lines that are already standard on these digitizers and AWG cards. This makes, in total, 20 fully programmable XIO lines that can run as synchronous digital inputs for a digitizer, synchronous digital outputs for an AWG, or asynchronous I/O lines, status lines, or even additional trigger inputs.

The digital option is a piggy-back module for the PCIe cards that occupies the panel of a second slot. It comes in two different versions, one with SMB connectors and one with an FX2 flat-ribbon connector. The SMB-version (M2p.xxxx-DigSMB) offers ten connectors on the front panel plus six more that are available internally and can be used for PC-internal cross connection or external connection via an empty slot bracket. The FX2-version (M2p.xxxx-DigFX2) guarantees compatibility with predecessor products from Spectrum and allows parallel connection of all lines with a single connector.

These modules fit on the 16-bit digitizers of the M2p.59xx series, offering 20 different PCIe-cards with 1 to 8 channels and 20 to 125 MS/s. They also fit on the 16-bit AWGs of the M2p.65xx series, consisting of 8 PCIe-variants, again with 1 to 8 channels and the choice of 40 or 125 MS/s.

Mounted for example on an M2p.5968-x4 digitizer-card, the combination can be operated with 8 analog channels in parallel with up to 19 synchronous digital channels (actually 20, but one on the main card is output only). Using the same module on an M2p.6568-x4 AWG-card provides 8 analog AWG channels and up to 20 synchronous digital outputs or marker outputs.

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