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September 05, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Multi-GNSS RF simulator boosts performance and flexibility
Spirent Communications plc has launched its enhanced GSS9000 Series GNSS constellation simulator, which offers significantly-improved capability, flexibility and performance to meet the ever-more-demanding test needs of high-performance satellite navigation systems.

Greater signal flexibility is also built into the enhanced GSS9000 Series, through its open API and flexible system architecture. This delivers a highly-sophisticated arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) capability. It also provides unrivalled coverage and support for all current Signal-in-Space Interface Control Documents (SIS ICDs), with even greater flexibility for both system and signal evolutions. This includes built-in and user-defined parameter controls for generation of non-current SIS ICD PRN codes, navigation data content, navigation data rate, chipping rate, edge shaping and modulation types.

The enhanced GSS9000 Series also features sophisticated spoofing test capabilities, with full parametric control of multi-copy constellations, and trajectory spoofing/meaconing. Precise phase-aligned signal wavefront generation and multi-antenna/output capability is supported, creating the most capable anti-jam and anti-spoof test system available anywhere.

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