Multiport network analysis system for MIMO and 5G

May 05, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Multiport network analysis system for MIMO and 5G
The RNVNA system from Copper Mountain Technologies enables a customizable multiport network analysis system for MIMO antennas and other 5G applications. RNVNA builds on the capabilities of CMT 1-Port USB vector network analyzers Copper Mountain Technologies.

RNVNA links up to 16 analyzers together into a multiport network analysis system, allowing users to measure vector reflection and scalar transmission parameters in MIMO and 5G applications. RNVNA is compatible with all 1-Port USB VNAs with frequency ranges up to 6 GHz (R60), 14 GHz (R140), and 18 GHz (R180).

RNVNA software allows users to manage multiple 1-Port VNAs performing required measurements. A free demo version of the RNVNA software for systems using up to three 1-Port VNAs can be downloaded from

The RNVNA system incorporates shelving for mounting the VNAs. Each shelf is designed to fit a 19-inch rack mounting system and can house up to eight VNAs. Frequency and trigger synchronizing devices are offered as options to increase measurement speed.

RNVNA is an effective multiport analysis system for MIMO antenna arrays in applications such as manufacturing, 5G, and more.

“RNVNA users are able to measure resonance frequency and isolation in antenna arrays to confirm that their antenna setup is operating at the desired frequency range and achieving proper isolation,” said CMT co-founder Alex Goloschokin. “RNVNA is able to make these crucial measurements at a significantly faster speed than traditional multiport VNA solutions which require RF switch matrices to cover the extra ports.”

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