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March 13, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Next generation of 16-bit AWGs
Offering advanced specifications and more features, six newly released Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) from Spectrum Instrumentation are optimized for signal quality, size and cost.

Once installed in a PC, the AWG cards are easy to integrate with other test and measurement devices. The signal outputs as well as clock and trigger inputs are provided via front-panel SMB connectors. The front-panel also hosts four MMCX connectors (one multi-function output, and three multi-function I/O lines), which can be used for different tasks such as digital output channels, clock, trigger or status output as well as asynchronous I/O lines. This high level of connectivity allows the AWG cards to be easily adapted into most automated test system environments.

Switching the multi-purpose I/O lines to digital output adds another four synchronous output channels to the AWG. A single AWG card can then generate four analogue outputs and four digital outputs in parallel with full speed. This is especially helpful when interfacing with external equipment in experiment control or for OEM projects.

Oliver Rovini, CTO at Spectrum, said: "These new AWG cards offer outstanding performance at a very reasonable cost and should be of interest to anybody wanting to generate test or simulation signals in the DC to 60 MHz range. The ability to reproduce high quality signals is always valuable to engineers and scientists who need to stimulate a system, or component, with waveforms that are high precision, easily adapted, and mimic real operational conditions."

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