Next generation of RBS and RRU wireless testing

March 12, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Next generation of RBS and RRU wireless testing
A flexible, comprehensive and cost-efficient over-the-air (OTA) test and measurement system for high-power 5G radio base stations (RBS) & remote radio units (RRU), the the Bluetest RTS85HP was developed to meet new, unique demands for 5G base station testing and a dramatically increased need for OTA systems.

The next generation 5G OTA test and measurement chamber is a benchmark system for rapid wireless measurement and offers substantial business benefits

The RTS85HP's technology and specifications target base station manufacturer R&D and production, as well as additional segments such as mobile operators. The new benchmark chamber has already been installed at a base station manufacturer production site, as well as a leading Asia Pacific mobile operator, for testing 5G base station equipment before roll-out in the field.

Bluetest has addressed measurement challenges introduced by 5G, such as measuring output power, adjacent channel leakage (ACLR) or spurious emission on massive MIMO/beamforming base stations with as much as 64 or more individual antenna ports. The company asserts that using traditional conducted measurements is not a sustainable practice and may in many cases not even be technically possible, due to the close integration between the radios and antennas. With the elimination of the traditional antenna cable, measurements need to be adapted to Over-the-Air testing.

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Bluetest CTO, Robert Rehammar comments, "Whether in base station R&D, production or at a cellular operator, the innovative RTS85HP reverberation chamber technology provides an easy-to-use 5G test environment to smoothly transfer RF power measurements from the conducted domain to the OTA domain, while still retaining competitive measurement times.

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Rehammar continues,” Compared with other testing methods, Bluetest’s solution saves considerable time and cost as operators and manufacturers can test the properties of their 5G equipment in their own lab and check the performance against their specification, quickly and efficiently.

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