Nubewell uses Rohde & Schwarz DPI software for secure SD-WAN

August 31, 2020 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Nubewell uses Rohde & Schwarz DPI software for secure SD-WAN
The advanced DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 enhances Nubewell’s SD-WAN by offering application-level IP traffic visibility, enabling seamless, secure and reliable remote work.

A Rohde & Schwarz company, ipoque GmbH has announced that Indian cybersecurity vendor Nubewell has licensed its DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 to add granular IP traffic visibility to the company’s SD-WAN product.

PACE 2 provides detailed insights into network traffic with application and user-level visibility. This visibility is key to enforce advanced security policies, prevent network misuse and optimize application performance.

As companies of all sizes are embracing the digital transformation and migrating to cloud-based applications, the current COVID-19 pandemic underlines the importance of thorough security policies and reliable cloud and network infrastructures. SD-WAN offers companies the agility and flexibility needed to support remote work. The transformative impact of SD-WAN allows for secure remote access and reliable performance of critical cloud and business applications.

Securing the wide area network (WAN) as the ingress and egress point of corporate networks is vital to mitigating risks and improving security. However, cloud services and remote users make networks much more dynamic and difficult to secure. To enforce SD-WAN security effectively, Nubewell required highly performant DPI software to ensure fast and reliable network traffic visibility. Integrating PACE 2 presented itself as a smart solution to inspect the WAN and internet-bound traffic in real time, allowing the implementation of granular security policies based on network entities, time, and type of traffic.

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