NXP, Hitachi to jointly develop DSRC-based V2X

September 18, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
NXP, Hitachi to jointly develop DSRC-based V2X
NXP Semiconductors and Hitachi Solutions, a provider of V2X software platforms for the Japanese automotive market, are jointly developing a V2X system for international markets, albeit with focus on Japan. The J-ITS system is based on a V2X modem and processor developed by NXP and a full V2X software stack from Hitachi.

Car manufacturers with an eye on the Japanese market can benefit from the joint venture between NXP and Hitachi Solutions to secure a lead in the development of their own V2X systems, NXP advertised. The platform will enable the design of on-board units (OBUs) and complete telematics modules alike. NXP and Hitachi will combine the V2X chipset from NXP and the V2X software stack from Hitachi to a solution that can support Europe, the USA, Korea (5.9 GHz) and Japan (760 MHz). Thus, other markets such as Europe and the USA can also be served with a single, reusable concept. Car manufacturers and tier-one suppliers can thus save development costs.

With V2X technology, vehicles can "see around the corner" and communicate with other vehicles and the infrastructure. In safety-critical applications such as platooning or emergency braking systems, minimum latency times are indispensable for real-time communication. This technology also allows a range of more than 1.5 kilometers, even if no mobile phone connection is available.

As part of the cooperation with Hitachi, NXP will provide the SAF5400, the first automotive-qualified DSRC modem as a single-chip that can also address the Japanese market. Its scalable architecture and feature set such as fastest start-up time, long range, dual antenna support and digital diversity as well as best-in-class Software Defined Radio (SDR) technologies provide vehicle manufacturers with flexible options for worldwide V2X deployment and field upgrades. The SAF5400 is the second generation of a V2X system that has proven its functionality on the road since 2017.

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