Open source platform is 'super sensor' for connected IoT

June 06, 2018 //By Rich Pell
Open source platform is 'super sensor' for connected IoT
Sierra Wireless (Richmond, Canada) has launched its next-generation mangOH open source platform designed to accelerate industrial IoT.

The company has released alpha samples of its next-generation mangOH open source hardware platform to the IoT developer community for evaluation and feedback. Called mangOH Yellow, the platform is offered as a "super sensor" for connected IoT that allows developers to measure and monitor virtually anything, with all of the interoperable building blocks needed to rapidly develop and productize low-power Industrial IoT applications.

"Whether you're developing IoT applications for a startup or a Fortune 500 company, mangOH gives you a head start to a minimum viable product, right out of the box," says Ashish Syal, Chief Engineer and mangOH Founder, Sierra Wireless. "Building on the success of mangOH Red and Green, we're excited to release mangOH Yellow and give the IoT developer community the opportunity to influence the final product."

Offered as smaller and lighter, mangOH Yellow targets IoT applications where compactness and low-power consumption are essential. The size and mechanical design will allow developers to build standalone and extremely compact proof-of-concepts/prototypes or to incorporate it into existing systems for instant IoT connectivity, the company says.

Existing mangOH Red and Green and applications developed using the Legato open source Linux platform can be easily ported to mangOH Yellow. In addition to cellular connectivity, mangOH Yellow features built-in Bluetooth Mesh and BLE 5, as well as Wi-Fi and NFC.

It also includes 14 advanced sensors and actuators on board in an ultra-low-power architecture for long-lasting, mobile, battery-powered applications. An IoT connector slot leverages the more than 15 IoT cards built by members of the collaborative mangOH ecosystem, which are available today.

mangOH Yellow is expected be commercially available in May 2019. Attendees of the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit on June 5, 2018, in Paris, France, will be the first to have access to early samples.

Sierra Wireless

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