ORAN-compliant RRU with 7.2 VRAN function split

October 23, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
ORAN-compliant RRU with 7.2 VRAN function split
Promoting widespread adoption of emerging open ORAN standards, the latest remote radio unit (RRU) from Benetel addresses the migration from closed proprietary interface protocols.

Supporting the open radio access network (ORAN) 1.0 interface specification, the BNTL-RAN100-3-1L RRU will encourage innovation and provide communication system integrators and network operators with far greater system flexibility.

The lab-oriented unit gives engineering teams access to all the core features necessary to undertake initial experiments with ORAN-based network infrastructure – particularly in relation to providing superior indoor cellular coverage. The BNTL-RAN100-3-1L is intended for 7.2 split front haul network implementation and has a connection data rate of 10 Gbps. Running off a 12 VDC supply and drawing less than 40-W of power during operation, this compact (240- x 240- x 60-mm), highly robust unit supports 2x2 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) streams. It supports a 20 MHz bandwidth and a +21 dBm per antenna port transmission output.

Thanks to a modular architecture, engineers using the new unit have scope to swap different radio modules from the Benetel portfolio to optimize designs for specific frequency and transmit power criteria. The result is a highly versatile platform which reduces engineering overheads, allows far greater design reuse and accelerates time to market, as well as offering the ability to rapidly scale up production as demand dictates.

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